Standby Generators: A Money Saver for Your Home, or Business

Are you worried about what happens when there is a power outage? Where will you get heat? How will you use your electronics for work, business, home and school?

A standby generator is likely to be the best solution for you. Unlike a portable generator which you must hook up and fuel when the power goes out, a standby generator is already attached to your electrical systems and automatically starts when the power stops. It is already fueled (there are a variety of options for fueling) and ready to go. No more lost business or production hours, electronics keep functioning, food is safe, and no matter how cold the weather, there will always be heat

Standby generators, or their smaller cousins, the portable generator, offer worry free living, warmth, and comfort for your family or business.

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Banks Electric Inc. Service Offers a Variety of Top-Notch Generators

Banks Electric Inc. in North Huntingdon, Pa supplies and services a variety of generators to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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Eaton Generators (link to offer some of the best standby generators in the business, making sure your home or business electrical needs met whenever electric service is interrupted.

We also offer portable and standby generators from: