About Us

Serving the North Huntingdon Area for over Fifty Years.

Banks Electric Inc.al Service, Inc., has been serving North Huntingdon and the surrounding areas since John Banks re-located his company to the area from Braddock. By 1983, Banks Electric Inc. Service had expanded into a facility with a growing workforce. In 2003 the business was taken over to Joe and Terri Banks. Today, the company is both a residential and commercial electrical contractor.

We offer a myriad of services to meet the needs of homeowners and commercial customers alike. As well as servicing your electrical needs, Banks Electric Inc. also supplies and services Standby and Portable Generators.

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Client Safety is Our Number One Concern

At Banks Electric Inc. we take pride in making your electrical safety our number one concern whether a commercial or residential customer. Whatever your electrical issues, from service upgrades, to making sure swimming pools and hot tubs are wired safely and properly, we have the best and safest solutions for residential or commercial customers.

Because Banks Electric Inc. values safety, through our Home Owners Safety Program, we will conduct a thorough safety inspection of your home including the following:

  • Testing and cleaning all smoke detectors
  • Testing all ground fault receptacles and breakers
  • Perform inspection of the electrical service entrance and tighten all connections
  • Perform infrared temperature scan of circuit breakers for potential “hot spots”
  • Test circuits for overloads
  • ….and much, much, more

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