Lighting and LED Conversions

Lighting to Reflect Your Style and Needs

At Banks Electric Inc. we can help illuminate your life whether it be at home, on the deck or patio, or even at the pool. We can also assist commercial customers. If you are struggling with selecting the right fixtures for the best eye comfort of your family or employees, but you still want to retain your sense of style, Banks Electric Inc. can help to assess your needs and make recommendations as to the best interior, exterior, or commercial lighting solutions for you. Our technicians will work diligently with you through the selection process and professionally and safely install all your lighting.

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LED Lighting Basics

LED Lighting is the wave of the future, and Banks Electric Inc. can help you understand it and why LEDs may be the best solution for your home or business.

  • LED stands for light emitting diode
  • LED products produce light 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs
  • LED lights do not burn out—although they do “fail,” or grow dimmer over time
  • LED lighting lasts longer and is more versatile than either incandescent or fluorescent lighting
  • LED lightening is more efficient by providing directional lighting—something not available in either incandescent or fluorescent lighting
Installed correctly, LED lighting not only provides a better, clearer more direct light, than other lighting choices, it also emits less heat and is much more energy efficient.

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