Every year many people are injured in their homes due to unsafe electrical conditions such as overloaded circuits, overuse of extension cords, faulty smoke detectors, and damaged or old wiring.

With Banks Electric's Service and Safety Program we will conduct a thorough inspection of the most important electrical equipment in your home and make sure you and your family are safe from the dangers of electrical fire, damage and shock.  Performing this valuable inspection now reduces the potential for disastrous failures in the future. 

When you enroll in the program a certified Banks technician will complete a thorough annual inspection of your electrical and safety systems to ensure that you and your family are safe at home.

We will

  • Test and clean all smoke detectors and change batteries
  • Test all ground fault receptacles and breakers for proper operation
  • Perform inspection of service entrance panel and tighten connections
  • Perform infrared temperature scan of circuit breakers for potential "hot spots"
  • Test circuits for overloads
  • Verify circuit breakers for sizing of branch circuits
  • and more.........

Call for pricing and for more details   724-863-3034