What is a power surge?

A surge is a high voltage electrical event that travels through your AC Power, Telephone and Cable lines, potentially damaging home electronics and appliances.  Surges come from lightning, utility disturbances and home appliances turning on and off.

Why do my lights dim?

This problem can be caused by several different reasons.  A corroded neutral wire, overloaded circuit,  problems with the power grid or improper wiring.  It is best to have an electrician evaluate this problem.

What are AFCI's?

An arc fault circuit breaker is a circuit breaker designed to prevent fires by detecting an unintended electrical arc and disconnecting the power before the arc starts a fire. 

How can I protect expensive electronics in my home?

Power surges can be a tricky thing.  We recommend that all of our clients have us install a "whole house" surge protection system.  The devices we install come with simple to understand monitoring lights to make sure it is operating.

What  is a GFCI?

A GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter.   It is a specially designed outlet normally used in wet locations to protect an individual from electrical shock.  The electrical code requires that GFCI be installed in all kitchen, baths, and laundry areas.

Why do circuit breakers trip?

Overload is the most common reason for breakers to be tripped.  Too many things are plugged in or turned on/off in the circuit.  Another reason is a short circuit; this may be caused by faulty wiring, appliances or fixtures.

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